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Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online

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 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online Empty Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online

Post  tradebuzzing Mon Jun 08, 2020 1:18 pm

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 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online Sponsored2

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 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online Freshhomes

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British Columbia
B.C. nursing shortage a crisis, union says
Province hopes to streamline recruiting and assessment of foreign nurses to get them into the system faster

 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online FirstLight-Home-Care_Profile

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The B.C. Nurses Union says the province is grappling with a nursing shortage so severe it's a crisis.

Gayle Duteil, president of the BCNU, says a shortage of specialized nurses is starting to cause problems in everything from operating rooms to intensive care units around B.C..

"At this time we have over 40,000 vacancies across the province in specialty areas." Duteil told CBC. "These are acute units: They're emergencies, they're operating rooms, they're recovery rooms, they're ICUs. And it's a very serious matter."

The Ministry of Health says one solutions is to recruit more international nurses. A program aimed at streamlining the evaluation process a foreign nurse must undergo to get a job in B.C. will be launched in June of 2020.

An email sent to CBC from the Ministry of Health stated, "By simplifying the process, it can help internationally educated practitioners enter the work force faster based on their skills, education and experience."

 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online WhatDoesLPNdo_banner

The email goes on to say that the Ministry is currently advertising for nurse recruits in the U.K., Ireland and U.S., as well as actively recruiting specialty nurses from within North America.

The ministry also says it will be investing $65 million in training for specialty nurse training, and that it has doubled the number of training spaces for nurses since 2001.

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 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online Virt

Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the remote job market was on the rise, with more and more workers seeking out flexible arrangements that allow them to work from home or travel the globe .

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 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online Newap2
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Home Care & Home Health
Home Care allows a person who needs assistance with personal care, cooking, or household tasks to stay in their home with the help of a home care worker. This type of service doesn’t require a physician’s prescription, and it is usually sought and paid for by the patient or a family member.

Home Health services are usually ordered by a physician and provide nursing care or some type of therapy by a licensed professional. These services are often short-term, while a person is recovering from an illness or surgery.

 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online 1

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 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online Nursing-jobs-plus-1

Coronavirus will change the world. The World Health Organization declares the outbreak pandemic as countries struggle to contain the spread of the virus.

 Kingston Jamaica Jobs earn US$249.00 per day Online Tuss

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